A Mind Trip, short film about artificial intelligence and lucid dreams

A Mind Trip: From Artificial Intelligence to Lucid Dreams (2019)

Somewhere between Art and Science, between Natural and Artificial Intelligence, between meditation and dreaming, lies a thought inspired by Eastern Wisdom and executed using the latest advances from Western Filmmaking and Film production techniques by the Artist and Scientist, ALAgrApHY. Following is a teaser:

short documentary about self and noneself at IGC, Oeiras by ALAgrApHY

A Short Walk between the self and the Noneself (2019)

An interview with Prof. Antonio Coutinho is suddenly interrupted by his clones to metamorphose into a documentary about IGC and an autobiography featuring its artist/scientist-in-residence. The oneiric docu-fiction about the self, noneself and multitude of selves, explores the thin line between these seemingly opposing forces while questioning identity from artistic/scientific perspectives.

The Art and Science of Traveling (2016)

According to scientists, we have been traveling for 13.8 billion years as atoms and vibrations since the formation of the universe. To Eastern Philosophers, we have been traveling from one life to another. At a different spacio-temporal scale, we are traveling as we meditate, read, eat, listen to music or even enjoy a sip of coffee ... From the Director of award-winning "I C LAND", "I C SKIES" and "Missed Connections", and with the invaluable contribution of several artists, scientists, humanists and spiritual leaders, the "Art and Science of Traveling" opens a door to a plethora of traveling techniques and perspectives, with the body, the mind and the spirit. From land, sea, and sky to cosmic travels, this episodic docu-fiction feature-film questions identity and the meaning of life in a vision quest of ten oneiric chapters. For more info about screenings, distribution, selections and awards: The Art and Science of Traveling

I C LAND (2014)

Why do we travel and how far are we willing to go to answer questions about who we are and why we go on living? Ingvar Yongson, a bus driver from Iceland drives us around the breathtaking landscapes of his unique island and answers our questions about Iceland and the meaning of life that we share with you in this experimental short film, winner of the best experimental short film at the AFI Cannes 2015.

Missed Connections (2013)

Man has become smarter, faster... but also more mechanical and less humane. A strong conflict between our intrinsic human desire and our augmented artificial intelligence is manifested in 2032 in a public Parisian train while two strangers try to communicate but with no success in spite of all technological aid and desire.


The night I was supposed to fly to Iceland, the Barbargunda volcano was in eruption. With a flip of a coin I made up my mind, packed my bags and off I was to Iceland to come back come back with a short film, the beginning of the I C series


A series of virtual reality experimental micro-shorts

AI-Cinema or Cinema-AI

A series of experimental AI-generated short films, poems, animations...



Paris: 14 December 2014 (Maison de Portugal)
Cannes: 21 May 2015 (Marche du Film at the Cannes Film Festival)
Iceland: 17 October 2015 (Northwave International Film Festival)
Paris 25 October 2015 (L’art du voyage corporel, mental et spirituel: Theatre Maison du Bresil avec la fondation Gulbenkian et l’ambassade de Portugal en France)


Paris: January 2014
December 2014 International Viewster Film Festival
16-18 December 2015 Cinerail International Film Festival


Paris: 25 August 2016 (Cité Internationale)
Lisbon: 19 July 2017 (Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian)
Oeiras: 21 July 2017 (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência)