About ALAgrApHY

Thanks to the inventors of the camera obscura, I have been framing faces and places of photon paintings for more than a decade. Photography has taught me about people as much as people have taught me about photography. Besides gallery walks, exhibition openings and forum discussions, I found yet another excuse, 1001 project to interact with people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world

After several exhibitions, public and private, in restaurants and galleries, in lofts and art fairs, I have managed to develop a taste for colors, composition, texture and style that you can explore at my Instagram account(s).

Black and White Photography

A few random photos from @alagraphie. Black and white depict the colors of the soul. A dedicated website for BnW Photography is now online

black and white photography, bw photography, bnw photography, monocrhome photography, ALAgrApHY on instagram

All Color Sprectrums Photography

A few random photos from @alagraphique.

paris photography on instagram

fashion photography, Paris, ALAgrApHY

Fashion Photography

ALAgrApHY has started collaborating with designers, bloggers and organizers of events based on inspiration.

Noir Fashion Magazine

The Noir Art and Fashion Magazine will be launching soon.


I invite you to enter my world of photons by checking out my Instagram accounts Alagraphique (Color Photography) and Alagraphie, Black and White Photograhy
Limited and signed prints are available for sale. Contact us for more information.

Je vous invite a entrer dans mon monde de photons en vérifiant mes comptes Instagram Alagraphique (Couleurs) et Alagraphie, Photographie en Noir et Blanc
Des impressions limitées et signées sont disponibles à la vante. Contactez-nous pour plus d'informations.

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