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Prestige Network Analysis and Visualization

A visualization of the Artificial Immune Systems co-authorship network with nodes representing authors and edges representing collaborations (with at least one co-authored article). Each component is represented in a different color. In particular, the largest component (in black) contains 55% of all authors. The authors are then ranked based on a prestige measure that is discussed in the article:

Abi-Haidar, Alaa. (2013). The Artificial Immune Systems Domain: Identifying Progress and Main Contributors Using Publication and Co-Authorship Analyses A Abi Haidar, A Six, JG Ganascia, V Thomas-Vaslin Advances in Artificial Life, European Conference of Artificial Life (ECAL) 12, 1206-1217.

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Interactive Stream Data Art Analysis and Visualization by ALAgrApHY

Interactive Stream Data Analysis and Visualization

...we use unsupervised named entity recognition and streamgraphs in order to visualize massive amounts of unstructured textual stream data, namely, French newspapers (e.g. Le Figaro, La presse, L'humanitΓ©) from the first world war period. Such a visualization allows us to identify main characters, events and locations involved in or relevant to the first world war, according to the French press.

Alaa Abi-Haidar , Bin Yang , Jean-Gabriel Ganascia . "Mapping the First World War Using Interactive Streamgraphs." Sociology and Anthropology 4.1 (2016) 12 - 16. doi: 10.13189/sa.2016.040103.

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Image Data Visualization and Analysis

One of the projects that are on high-demand in companies and institutions are finding the average face employee, researcher or client. Many more projects are performed live and on demand. Please contact me for more information.

More of the image visualization can be found under my digital art with Generative Art, Algorithmic Art and especially Fracatal Art or using Artificial Intelligence or AI-generated art.

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audio data art by ALAgrApHY

AI-generated Music - Audio Visualization and Analysis

Computer and AI-generated Audio and/or music opens a whole new possibility to engage with your employees, residents, students, clients... Here is a tiny example of what we can do:

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