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Al or ALAgrApHY is a Paris-based heptaglot cosmopilitan speaker, artist (painter, photographer and filmmaker) and scientist (PhD in complex systems, Data Scientist and expert in artificial intelligence and its applications to natural language processing with a Postdoc at the University of Pierre et Marie Curie). ALAgrApHY builds drawing machines and teaches them using algorithms how to make art and is considered a pioneer in AI Art. More specifically he generates meta-mosaics made up of thousands of components, ususally unique faces of non-existing people of all origins, ages and genders to paint humanity with all colors of diversity. His artwork Dormant Muses (/Muses Endormie/) based on the Children of the Cloud (2016) that were generated with AI trained on his project of 1001 faces was the first AI-generated artwork using Generative Adversarial Networks to be sold at the Grand Palais on Feb 13, 2018 before art marketers and auction houses commercialized AI-ART and turned it into a speculative buzz. In the same year, ALAgrApHY won the digital art award at the Salon d'Automne known for starting cubism and fauvism, and in the following year, he exhibited his interactive Collective Brain X at the Gulbenkian Museum. Even since, many exhibitions in galleries, museums and art fairs followed. A timeline exploring the overlap between art and science in a selection of venues can be enjoyed under the exhibition section.

(2020-present) AI and Digital Transformation Consultant and Speaker

(2017-present) In collaboration between ALAgrApHY (ARTS) and bitOΨ (SCIENCE), ALAgrApHY builds and teaches machines ART using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to make AI-ART.

(2016-2017) Former Senior Data Scientist at snips using NLP, NER and AI to make technology disappear and a former Senior Data Scientist at Fortia using NLP for regtech and fintech.

(2011-2016) Former Postodoctoral Researcher based at (UPMC/CNRS) at ACASA at the LIP6.
My research focuses on machine learning and named entity recognition among several data and text mining applications such as stylistic studies of French literature and more general digital humanities in collaboration with the BnF, la Sorbonne, Jouves, Sejer, Les gobelins,CELSA…

(2013-present) Filmmaker interested in experimental futurist documentaries. A list of my past and current projects can be found at IMDB page and future projects and casting will be announced at my FB page. My latest feature documentary The Art and Science of Traveling is already halfway online with the first 4 chapters / travels

[ Curriculum Vitae ]

2P Smart CV [EN] [FR] Last updated 2020

8P Full CV [EN] [FR] Last updated 2020

[ Latest News ]

2023-1 [EN/FR] Selling CinemAI APP / Music / Speaker [En/Fr]

2022-2 [EN/FR] Launching CinemAI APP / Free Apps / Speaker [En/Fr]

2022-1 [EN/FR] Future of Cinema / Cryptofilms / NFT [En/Fr]

2021-1 [EN/FR] Creative AI [En/Fr]

2020-2 [EN/FR] AI, Art and Science in the Timne of Corona [En/Fr]

2020-1 [EN/FR] AI / Art / Science [En/Fr]

[ Latest Projects ]

plotGPT PlotGPT: ChatGPT plotter

CinemAI AI Generated Cinema on Demand

StocksGPT StocksGPT / CryptoGPT

F33 Apps F33 APP Portal


TEDx | The Shortest Distance Between AI, Art and Humanity 16 APR 2019

TEDx | Art+Science Meet - Balance, Creativity, Identity, Origins 12 OCT 2019

Gulbenkian - Fronteiras Do Cerebro | Artificial NeurScience 02 JUN 2019

Digit'all Art - Art Digital | Intelligence ARTificielle SEP 2021

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL | AI-Generated Cinema on Demand and Cryptofilms 15 JUL 2021

TEDx | Inteligencias artificiais e democratics 12 JUL 2022

NOVA | AI, Art and the Blockchain 05 MAR 2022


Artopus - The Octopus that inspired 100 artists by ALAgrApHY

Artopus - The Octopus muse that inspired 100+ artists

Shakespear and Co - Paris 75005 (2022) [Soldout] Eyroll - Paris 75005 (2022)
A microdose of the love antidote - poetry and photography by alagraphy

A Microdose of the LoVE Antidote

Shakespear and Co - Paris (2019)
ikeg-ai - using AI to find your ikegai

IkegAI - Using AI to find your ikigai or "reason for being"

Amazon 2021
From AI with love - letters from AI to humanity

From AI with Love: Letters from AI to Humanity

Amazon - 2021
Love in the Time of Corona

Love in the Time of Corona

Amazon - 2020


AI-generated ART

AI-Generated ART

Teaching machines ART using ARTificial Intelligence or AI-ART while exploring the limits of a Creative AI

Generative ART

Generative ART

Digital Art: Algorithmic Art and Generative Fractal Art



Monochrome Black and White Photography and Fashion

video art


Short and feature Science-Fiction and Documentaries

fluorescent art `


Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Art / Paintings


ELEFART - Elephant schools of art phygital exhibition

Traveling Phygital ELEFARTs (MENART Fair and other locations) +more and Virtual AI Sculptures +more Mar 24-Apr 16 2022

Galerie Schwab Beaubourg

Shwab Gallery, Phygital Expo, Paris (SOLO) +more Mar 24-Apr 16 2022

NOVA AI Art and Blockchain Expo/Keynote/Workshop, Lisbon +more Mar 5-8 2022

Salon Comparaison, Grand Palais Ephemere, Paris +more Feb 15-20 2022

Biennale Art Et Sciences Giant LED and Place Nationale Oct 8 2021

Espace Culturel Andre Malraux ECAM Sep 13- Nov 6 2021

Benicassim, Spain Nit Art CAstel Sep 20-26 2021

59 Rue Rivoli more+ Aug 6- Sep 6 2021

Parc Bicetre, Paris, Exposition Composants (SOLO) Official Page Guestbook July 18 - September 13 2020

art installation paris Parc Pinel, Paris, Installation Permanente 10mx1.4m+more July 12 2020 - today

Rue de Rivoli, Paris +more Mar 11-22 2020

Grand Palais, Paris +more Fev 11-16 2020

spaces coworking exhibition Spaces, Rue du Louvre 75001, Intelligence ARTificielle (Solo) Paris +more Nov 14- Dec 2 2019

Moulin Rouge, Expo Caritatif avec (more @alagraphie) june 2019

UNESCO, selected Artist for the Mobile Week (more @alagraphie) March 2019

Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon , Collective Brain eXperiment+more Mar- 10 June 2019

Grand Palais, Paris+more Feb 12-18 2019

Salon d'Automne, Paris , Prix Art Digitale+more Oct 24-28 2018

Grand Palais, Paris +more Fev 14-21 2018

Paris (Several Exhibitions in Many Galeries (e.g. Thuillier, Rue Thorigny 75003), Restaurants, Private Lofts...) 2014-2017

Radisson BLU Hotel during the Cannes film festival, Cannes 2014 May 2014

Palais de la Découverte au Petit Palais, Paris 2013 Sep 2013

La Nuit de la Photographie Contemporaine,Paris 2013 2013

Private {eYe} Opening Exhibition at a Diplomat's house, Paris 2013

Gallerie Thuillier in the Marais, Paris 2012 2012

Maison de Provinces de France, Paris 2011 2011

Kirkwood Cafe, USA 2011 2011

The Green Bean Coffee, USA 2011

The Venue Gallery, USA 2010 2010

Upland Brewery Gallery, USA 2010 2010

Lennies Brewery and Art Space, USA 2010 2010

The Runcible Spoon Restaurant and Gallery, USA 2009 2009


instituto gulbenkian de ciencia

A Short Walk between Self and Noneself: AI, Art and Science at IGC (2019)

 mind Trip: From Artificial Intelligence to Lucid Dreams short film AI

A mind Trip: From Artificial Intelligence to Lucid Dreams (2019) [teaser]

I C SKY (2016)

I C LAND (2015)

Missed Connections (2013)

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