UBUNTU,  algorithmic art,  generative art mosaic by ALAgrApHY

Mosaic Algorithmic Art : UBUNTU (2011) I am because we are

ALAgrApHY is an “artivist” who believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and tries to express this through his art. A motto that is very present in his work is expressed by the African UBUNTU, meaning “I am therefore we are”. ALAgrApHY is an "Algorist" and therefore he uses algorithms to make or generate art. From his early works, a mosaic of all the profile pictures of his friends on facebook are automatically harvested and fused gregariously to form this huge mosaic of a picture that he captured from a holi festival.

ai art of femme 2.0 mosaic by ALAgrApHY

Femme 2.0 (2013)

This mosaic of a contemporary woman entitled "Femme 2.0" is composed of all images that could describe the modern woman of today. Images of women, men, wild animals, children and so on and so forth. The artist has captured all the ingredient images. This has been exhibited at "Nuit de la Photo" at Invalides in 2013. His new series of AI-generated faces of all diversity are detailed in the catalogue and will be exhibited exclusively at the Grand Palais in February and several international exhibitions are lined up for 2019 to be announced very soon. 

deyeversity by ALAgrApHY

dEYEversity (2013)

The two opposing forces, black and white, masculin and feminin, left and right, Yin and Yang, are endlessly composed of the same exact ingredients (eyes).

Installation d'art Composants 2x2m July-October 2020
Moulin Rouge with Art for Humans 2019
ISMB 2018 Art in Science competition Award 2018
UNESCO expo at MLW2019
{eYe} Opening Exhibition 2013 
Salon de la Photographie Contomportaine aux Invalides 2013

Recursive beauty romy schneider lookalike algorithmic art  by ALAgrApHY

Recursive Beauty of Romy Shneider's lookalikes (2016)

The recursive beauty of Romy Shneiders' lookalikes is infinite.

An unauthorized copy of this artwork (unsigned copy meant only for decoration) has been recently found at the the Kremlin-Bicetre. Please report it if you find it,
Une copie non-authorisee (sans la signature ou l'autorisation de l'auteur) a ete recemment trouvee au Kremlin-Bicetre. Merci de la signaler si vous la trouvez.

fractal art, fractal, alagraphy

FractAL Art (2011-2016) [NFT][cryptoArt]

Several experiments with fractal art (madlebrot and Julia sets) can be seen on ALAgrApHY's deviant art account

digital painting cosmic universe alagraphy

Digital Paintings and Tiny Planets (2013-2017)

collective brain x, collective art, social art by alagraphy

Collective Brain X (2019)

The Collective Brain eXperiment and eXhibition at the Gulbenkian Museum is a collective dynamic interactive artwork of a metaphor of the brain composed of thousands of evolving metaphors of the brain contributed by users on social media using the hashtag #collectivebrainx

COVID-Safe Algorithmic Street Art Installation in Paris (2020)

Honored to have had my artwork printed and installed in Paris for 5 months. The series featured a marriage between art and science from genenerative to AI Art including old and new compositions (excluding collectors editions) each artwork standing 2x2m tall and a permanent installation standing 10x1.4m wide.

Clean NFT Digital Art Movement (2021)

At first I was excited about NFTs and the freedom it will bring to artists until I learned about its effect on the planet and climate crisis and I refused to join the NFTs platforms on the ETH blockchain until a new eco-friendly platform was developed on the Tezos blockchain. Find me and more of my art at hic et nunc (AI ART / GenArt) and hic et nunc (BnW Algorithmic Art) and kalamint (GenArt and AI Art Celebrities 1/1 edition)