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is a Paris-based Artist (painter, photographer and filmmaker) and Scientist (PhD in Complex Systems and expertise in AI and Data Science) who has been teaching machines to create art since 2013 and has exhibited his AI-generated artwork on Feb 2018, way before the internet witnessed the AI ART buzz lead by Christie's. His exhibition marked one of the first sales at the Grand Palais in Paris where he will be exhibiting again in Feb 2019. His series of thousands of unique faces of all diversity, ages and genders, generated by Artificial Intelligence, or AI ART, more precisely using Generative Adversarial Networks are trained on a database of faces that he has captured with his camera for the 1001faces.org project. The unique generated faces are then assembled automatically through various algorithms to generate gigantic mosaics. He has had several exhibitions in 2018. The most noteworthy is at the Salon d'Automne at the Champs Elysees in Paris at which my artwork "D'ame(s) Souriante(s)" won the "digital art" award. The Salon d'Automne has exhibited Picasso and Rodin and has been the birthplace of art movements such as cubism and fauvism. Another Exhibition was at the Grand Palais at which "Muse(s) Endormie(s)" was sold on . The following exhibition will take place at the Grand Palais on .


Mosaic Algorithmic Art : UBUNTU (2013) I am because we are

ALAgrApHY is an “artivist” who believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A motto that is very present in his work is expressed by the African UBUNTU, meaning “I am therefore we are”. From his early works, a mosaic of all the profile pictures of his friends on facebook are fused gregariously to form this huge mosaic of a picture from a holi festival.

femme 2.0 by ALAgrApHY

Femme 2.0

This mosaic of this contemporary woman entitled "Femme 2.0" is composed of all images that could describe the modern woman of today. Images of women, men, wild animals, children and so on and so forth. The artist owns all images' rights. This has been exhibited at "Nuit de la Photo" at Invalide in 2013. His new series of AI-generated faces of all diversity will be exhibited exclusively at the Grand Palais in February and several international exhibitions are lined up for 2019 to be announced very soon. 


History of AI-Generated Art or AI ART

Catalogue of ALAgrApHY's AI ART


> Q. Will AI replace Artists?
AI is just a tool to enhance artists' self-expression. A decade ago, people feared that the camera will replace traditional artists but it only created a new form of art. AI is just a tool, an extension of the artist's paintbrush. AI is far from becoming fully autonomous and independent of its maker. Those who claim otherwise do so only to seek media attention.

Q. Who is the Artist, in this case, man or machine?
When man writes a code to adapt the machine to his own needs, man has succeeded in creating a tool for expressing himself, just like the camera is a tool for capturing pictures, and just like the stone was a tool for etching cave drawings…

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. Je suis artiste scientifique et j'apprends les machines, avec l'aide de l'intelligence artificielle, à halluciner des visages (des personnes qui n'existent pas) de toute diversité et de toute âge afin de les rassembler automatiquement avec des algorithmes pour créer des mosaïques gigantesques que j'ai eu l'honneur d'exposer cette année au salon de la comparaison au Grand Palais et bientôt au Salon d'automne 25-28 Oct 2018. . Je vous invite à découvrir mes deux séries . I'm an artist scientist and I use AI to teach machines to hallucinate faces (of non-existent people) of all diversity, ages and gender that I reassemble automatically with algorithms to create gigantic mosaics. Honored to have exhibited at the Grand Palais and soon at the salon d'automne. . I invite you to have a look at both of my series. .

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L'intelligence ARTificielle fait son expo en gardant une touche humaine mais c'est chaud en ce moment ! Merci à vous tous d'être venus nous voir au salon d'automne 25-28 OCT et à très vite autrement. Merci Laurent pour les vidéos, Véronique et Pierre Emmanuel , pour les photos. Jeanne (maire du 8ème) Vanessa (ambassadrice de l'UNESCO , François notre président au salon de comparaison , Nina l'artiste. François Gilbert, Patricia, Sandrine et à tout ceux qui sont passés me voir. Pour plus dinfo rdv sur Twitter @alagraphy #exhibition #opening #artfair #fiac #artbasel #interview #artnews #artist #artexhibition #artwork #artauction #ArtificialIntelligence #art #arte #intelligenceartificielle #paris #fashion

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ALAgrApHY's response to Christie's after they made a huge buzz about their false claims about both the first AI art and AI auction, none of which was true! However, jouralists care little about the truth with respect to the buzz! Welcome to the era of fake news!

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