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share with others

By dispensing you are sharing what you don't need with whom might be in need of it


save the planet

By dispensing you are making your disposables reusable and thus saving the planet


free yourself

By dispensing you are freeing yourself from the material world to feel always lighter and more independent


How to dispense?

Tag all your dispensable items with dispense logos and share them outdoors with the rest of the world. Do you have an extra bike that you don't need? Do you have books that do not fit in your bookshelf? Are you moving out but do not know how to get rid of your stuff? Start efficiently dispensing your dispensables. Give to mother earth what is mother earth's and to its inhabitants belongs to them.


Tracking number


Why tag?

Share with us your personal stories and testimonials. Tell us about an item that has made it all the way back to you, to a distant friend, or to someone you met later through the item...Share with us your ideas to make dispensing more efficient.