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Cosmopolitan heptaglot and 3x TEDx Speaker about AI, Art, Science, Humanity and Blockchain ..etc

Exploring the thin line between creative AI and obedient algorithms for Art, Science and Hunamity.

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ALAgrApHY Al, Alaa or ALAgrApHY is a Paris-based heptaglot artist (painter, photographer and filmmaker) and scientist (PhD in complex systems, Data Scientist and expert in artificial intelligence and its applications to natural language processing with a Postdoc at the Sorbonne University of Paris 6). ALAgrApHY builds drawing machines and teaches them using algorithms how to make art and was amongst the first to use Artificial Intelligence to make Art. Using a model known as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) he generated in 2016 the "Children of the Cloud", 10000 fictitious portraits trained on his project of 1001 faces. These portraits of non-existing people of all origins, ages and genders are united in huge mosaics to paint humanity with all colors of diversity. His artwork Dormant Muses (/Muses Endormie/) was the first AI-generated artwork using GANs to be sold at the Grand Palais on Feb 13, 2018 . In the same year, ALAgrApHY won the digital art award at the Salon d'Automne known for starting cubism and fauvism, and in the following year, he exhibited his interactive Collective Brain X at the Gulbenkian Museum. Ever since, ALAgrApHY has been exploring the thin line between obedient algorithms and creative AI through art exhibitions, talks and related events. Al has given several international talks mainly in English, French and Portuguese about AI, Art, Humanity and Blockchain, of which 3 TEDx talks.


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I post about cutting-edge technologies, deeptech, AIoT and Digital transformation and their applications to the realworld especially in terms of automation, optimization and creativity.

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