First AI-Generated Art using GANs

Muse.s Endormie.s

Sold at the Grand Palais on Feb 13th 2018 after being assembled on July 2017 from the children of the cloud, thousands of AI-generated portraits of all genders, ages and origins generated in 2016 by ALAgrApHY.

Price Estimation!

The sale of Muse.s Endormie.s at the Grand Palais on Feb 13th, 2018 has preceded the sales of Christie's "first" AI-generated sale of an AI-generated Portrait using General Adversarial Networks (GANs) that was estimated for 450,000 USD on Aug 25th 2018 and all the hype around AI Art that followed.Each of the 7 editions of muse.s endormie.s is composed of 4368 AI-generated portraits thus leading to an estimated 4368 x 450000 = 1965600000 USD for all 7 editions or 280.8 Million USD per edition.

A percentage of the sale's profit will be donated for several causes, to Dr. Goodfellow that was behind most of the GANs opensource code and to the subjects of the 1001 faces whose portraits were used for the training of the data between 2011 and 2016.

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